The Departures and the Stops

To avoid very long starts it is necessary to avoid very long starts, which occur when the electric motor torque is only higher than the strong torque. The overcurrent current absorbed in relation to the rated speed is not reached and can cause the motor to heat up. hose reel parts

It is necessary to keep the load coupled to the motor under proper operating conditions, avoiding the presentation of an abnormal resistant torque and in the case of an industrial process, frequent starts will be essential, and this characteristic must be present in the design of the equipment, and the motor must be adapted so that you can act in this way.

Thus, due to the regulators of some machines, it may be necessary to make several starts in a relatively short time, preventing the motor from cooling properly. Therefore, counter-current braking, by inverting the motor, generally represents the cost equivalent to three starts. In all cases, it is necessary to ensure that the starter torque is sufficient, by choosing a suitable motor, or by checking that the power line has specifications necessary to limit the drop in voltage at startup.