Concept of Application of Asynchronous Motors

It can be concluded that the concept of induced force directly originates an induced current in the rotor, which generally opposes the cause that gave rise to it, causing a rotating movement in the rotor. However, from the moment that the windings intersect in the stator cavities, they will automatically be exposed and exposed to an alternating current, generating a magnetic field in the stator and in the rotor, automatically, it will be possible for an induced electromotive force to appear through to the large variable magnetic flux that will cross the rotor.

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Thus, the main concepts of the operation of the induction motor refer basically to two extremely relevant laws of electromagnetism, the Law of Lenz and the Law of Faraday. According to Faraday’s Law, in all moments in which, by means of the surface embraced by a circuit, there is a variation of flux, an induced electromotive force will automatically be produced in that circuit. In case this circuit is closed, it will be crossed by an induced current. According to Lenz, the sense of the current induced by all his magnetic actions always tends to oppose the cause that gave rise to it.