Step Motor

Step motor is the step electric motor and is used to position something with extreme precision or something that should be rotated at an exact angle. It moves in pitch, allowing you to control your rotation at small angles. Its shaft rotates in strokes, controlled by the electronic circuit connected to its input.

They have windings that in their simplest form, are composed of four coils arranged in the stator at angles of 90 degrees. The rotor is a piece of ferromagnetic material, ie a magnet.

It is not necessary to couple a device so that this stepper motor timer nsi dg280a allows its axis to suffer precise displacements, this characterizes an open system. The open-loop operating characteristic is one of the most important, thus allowing rotation and stopping at predetermined points.

Example: If the shaft is required to rotate 180 ° half-way, it would only be necessary to adjust the opening and closing sequence of the logic switches to obtain the displacement with the necessary precision. For this to happen, the motor has a fixed amount of magnetic poles, which determine the number of steps per turn of the motor, the most common ones having between 2 and 72 steps.