Electric motor should be able to pull at least the weight of the model airplane

After choosing the model of the model airplane that can be asinha or coach, it is necessary to equip it with electric motor, speed control, servos, battery and radio control. It is difficult to choose the model, but some aspects must be taken into account.

The best electric motor for a model airplane is the brushless motor which is the brushless because this electric motor has a high efficiency, lightweight, compact and low cost but the brushed electric motor model which is the brushed is not much used, Because the brushes wear out and this change needs to be done periodically and is very heavy.

The electric motor should be capable of pulling at least the weight of the model when it is ready for use and this will serve to ensure that the flight is smooth and above all safe.

It is fundamental to look at the whole description of the electric motor and compare it with the total weight of the model, since the value of the description should be greater than the total weight, otherwise it will require more attention. https://www.mrosupply.com/bearings/spherical-roller-bearings/322152_22213-ek_skf-bearing/