Por que é relevante que a imobiliária tenha profissionais com boa aparência?

Muitos confundem profissionais de boa aparência com pessoas bonitas, porém existe uma grande diferença. O objetivo desse texto é mostrar que a imobiliária em questão vai precisar ter muito cuidado com esses pontos.

É notório que ter boa aparência é estar com uma roupa formal e também ter alguns atributos essenciais. Entre todos, o principal é saber o que falar e principalmente não ficar enrolando, porque é essencial para o sucesso.

dlange imobiliaria

Quando um cliente vai até a imobiliária, o mesmo quer tirar as suas dúvidas com o máximo de rapidez possível. Dessa forma, de nada adianta ter pressa e não atentar-se a questões que são muito interessantes.

Por isso mesmo, é que vale a pena investir nos profissionais e assim deixá-los sempre prontas para o sucesso. Esse tipo de coisa é fundamental e vai permitir que você consiga atingir todos aqueles objetivos traçados no começo.

Por fim, mas não menos importante, lembre-se que a imobiliária precisa prestar atenção nesses pontos essenciais como terreno swiss park campinas. Muitas empresas de sucesso só conseguem o que querem devido a prestarem atenção nisso.

Steel-silicon and Ferro-nickel

The manufacture of steel-silicon has been made with the orientation process of the metal grains. The material saturation is around 15 kilobytes, at 60 Hz, for non-oriented alloys, and for oriented alloys, it varies from 16 to 23 kilobytes. Grain-oriented silicon steel has reduced losses. Ferro-nickel, because of its high permeability and low losses, is preferred to silicon steel in high fidelity applications, even at lower frequencies – where silicon steel would theoretically be more correct.          gates 4/B81

The main characteristic of oriented alloys is having excellent magnetic properties in the rolling direction. Grain-oriented silicon steel is applied, usually in the construction of power and distribution transformer cores. The high level of saturation of the material guarantees the construction of small transformers of high capacity.

Nickel is a material with higher magnetic permeability and lower loss when compared to silicon steel, and is usually applied in combination with iron. When its manufacturing process combines 50% of iron and 50% of nickel, its level of saturation of the alloy is around 15 kilovars. For a combination of 20% nickel and 80% iron, the saturation level is around 8 kilobytes.

Electromagnetic Components

In the year 1820, an important discovery was recorded of the relation between electricity and magnetism. Thus, the Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted, could conclude in one of his classes, that a thermal phenomenon of the currents occurs in the conductive wires. In the case of an electric current being passed through a wire, it was capable of producing a magnetic field in its surroundings.

It is said, then, that this discovery originated the important development of equipment, motors and other devices that could move through the electricity. Thus, this theory soon spread so that other scholars began to develop new experiments on the subject, such as the French mathematician André Marie Ampère, and the German physicist Georde Simon Ohm, who idealized Ohm’s law.

The renowned British physicist Michael Faraday, discovered eleven years after the discovery of Oersted, that if a magnetic field were placed in the vicinity of a conductor, a current was caused in that wire. However, the American professor Joseph Henry came to the same theory, being considered the idealizer of the same one for having idealized the electro-motor force of self-induction, producing the first electromagnetic telegraph.




Imobiliária: é uma boa ou não?

Tudo vai depender único e exclusivamente da visão que for feita, portanto, a imobiliária pode ser boa ou ruim. A água facilita o entendimento, porque pode trazer a vida se existir sede ou matar se a pessoa estiver se afogando.

Com a empresa é a mesma situação, ou seja, as pessoas podem ou não utilizar da forma correta. Se for bem usada, é provável que funcione do jeito que é considerado, portanto, é preciso ter atenção nisso.

Uma boa imobiliária pode conseguir que no futuro tudo funciona do jeito correto, porém você será o fator principal. A ideia central é que isso venha a dar certo, pois é cobrado uma taxa e por isso precisa funcionar.

É preciso que exista outra questão que é crucial e diz respeito a má utilização, portanto, é um ponto positivo. Procure considerar esses fatores e a realidade é que será um diferencial competitivo para todos.

A imobiliária conseguirá ser a chave e terminará sendo um diferencial competitivo em relação a todos. Resta apenas que todos a utilizem do jeito correto, ou seja, com cuidado e atenção com os apartamento para alugar em sorocaba.


Excitation Current

The manufacturer shall state the percentage value of the excitation current, referred to the nominal winding current at which it is measured. The excitation current, unless otherwise indicated, shall not exceed by more than 20% the declared value.

In the case of ordering 2 (two) or more identical transformers, the same tolerance shall be applied to the individual transformer, but the average of the values ​​of all transformers may not exceed the value declared by the manufacturer.           HUTF

The complete transformer, filled with oil and all accessories, must be tested for gasket sealing, threaded connections, etc. In this test, which must be performed after the dielectric tests, the transformers shall withstand the test gauge pressures of 0.07 MPa for a one hour application time without leakage.

The insulation power factor shall be measured in accordance with NBR 5356-1. During dielectric type tests, this test must be performed before and after the test, for comparison with previously obtained values ​​(<1,5%). The maximum voltage and insulation level values ​​are set according to the requirements which must comply with NBR 5356-3.




Comparative Profiles

The control circuit should time the trip pulses from the last zero value of the waveform, both voltage and current. The sensor can be installed in a single phase and in this case the system measures only the one-point or one-point crossing point for each phase.

The soft-starter operates by means of the microprocessor, which controls the thyristors and adjusts the voltage sent to the motor stator. In this way, it is possible to smooth the activation of the high induction motor acceleration conjugates and to protect the mains from the high starting currents.

In order for the motor to start smoothly, the initial voltage (Vp) must be parameterized so that it assumes the smallest possible value and is sufficient to initiate the movement of the load. From this point, the voltage rises linearly according to a time also parameterized (tr) until it reaches the nominal value.

In braking, the voltage is instantly reduced to an adjustable value (Vt), which must be parameterized at the level at which the engine starts to reduce the speed. Thus, the voltage decreases linearly (adjustable ramp, tr) to the final voltage (Vz), when the motor stops rotating. At that time, the voltage is switched off.


Transformer Operation

During the operation of the transformer, the oil undergoes an aging process, a result of the request for temperature increase, oxygen action and contact with materials in its constitution, such as metals (copper and iron). As a consequence, it occurs to the deterioration of the insulating properties of the oil.

In addition, by-products from IMO degradation lead to the acceleration of the degradative process of solid insulation and the formation of sludge. The process that governs the oxidation of hydrocarbons is the mechanism of peroxidation, leading to the formation of hydroperoxides.

After formation of these compounds, many oxidation by-products are formed, which differ according to the species that gave rise to them. The by-products formed, also called intermediates, are alcohols, aldehydes and ketones, which, in the presence of oxygen, generate carboxylic acids.

Because of their polar and acid nature, carboxylic acids are aggressive agents to the insulation paper and other materials present in the transformer. The insoluble, acidic sludge deposits on the windings, damaging the transfer of heat from the copper to the oil, increasing the temperature of the insulating paper and attacking it chemically.



The Straddle Performance

The components called brakes are suitable to guarantee a maximum of three connection systems, thus enabling slow, medium and fast braking. When it comes to medium braking, a contact is placed to pause the power supply of the rectifier bridge in the circuit. It must be an auxiliary contact of the contactor itself or the magnetic key of the motor, ensuring that the brake is switched on or off with the motor in the same moment.

In rapid braking, we must insert the break contact directly into one of the coil feed wires. Thus, at the moment the motor is driven in the network, the coil must be correctly fed and the armature placed against the electromagnet shell, gaining the resistance of the springs. When they are free, the inserts move axially in their housings, being able to separate themselves from the friction surfaces.     Boston Gear HF-12CG

Thus, the braking action ends, allowing the motor to break freely and when the motor is de-energized from the mains, the control will need to instantly stop the coil current, causing the electromagnet to stop operating. At slower braking the brake coil rectifier bridge power supply must be made directly from the motor terminals without any pause.


Electronic Match

In startup, it is important to ensure that the firing angle that each pair of thyristors count is electronically controlled in order to concentrate a variable voltage at the motor terminals during the acceleration process.

Over the years, the advancement of electronics has ensured the creation and projection of diverse components, such as the solid-state starter, consisting essentially of a set of pairs of thyristors, or combinations of thyristors and diodes, with one at each motor power terminal.    CASC25

Thus, it is possible to be able to sustain the starting current at the line near the nominal line and with a subtle variation. In addition to the advantage of voltage or current control during the start of the match, the electronic key also has the convenience of having no moving parts or bows, as in the case of mechanical switches.

At the end of the starting period, normally adjustable on average, between 2 and 30 seconds, the voltage can reach its full value after a subtle acceleration or an ascending scale, as opposed to being exposed to sudden increases or jumps.

The Thermal Protectors

The thermal protector is applicable to three-phase electric motors, but only to machines with a Y-connection. The advantages are current and temperature sensitive protector adjustment and the possibility of automatic reclosing. The drawbacks are based on current limitation, because the protector is connected directly to the coil of the single-phase motor and has its application facing three-phase motors only in the center of the Y-connection.

These protectors are bimetallic type elements that have closed contacts, used mainly in single-phase induction machines, with the task of preserving the same against overheating caused by overloads, which can generate the rotor locking and voltage drops.

The thermal protector on a bimetallic disc has two moving contacts, a resistance and a pair of fixed contacts. The protector is connected in series, with a power supply, through thermal dissipation, which is caused by the passage of current, through the internal resistance a deformation of the disk causes the contacts to open and the motor power is automatically interrupted.

After a lower than specified temperature is reached, this protector must be reconnected. Due to this reclosing, you can have two types of protectors, the protector with automatic reclosing and the protector with manual reclosing.




The Departures and the Stops

To avoid very long starts it is necessary to avoid very long starts, which occur when the electric motor torque is only higher than the strong torque. The overcurrent current absorbed in relation to the rated speed is not reached and can cause the motor to heat up. hose reel parts

It is necessary to keep the load coupled to the motor under proper operating conditions, avoiding the presentation of an abnormal resistant torque and in the case of an industrial process, frequent starts will be essential, and this characteristic must be present in the design of the equipment, and the motor must be adapted so that you can act in this way.

Thus, due to the regulators of some machines, it may be necessary to make several starts in a relatively short time, preventing the motor from cooling properly. Therefore, counter-current braking, by inverting the motor, generally represents the cost equivalent to three starts. In all cases, it is necessary to ensure that the starter torque is sufficient, by choosing a suitable motor, or by checking that the power line has specifications necessary to limit the drop in voltage at startup.


The Rotor

The rotor of a DC motor rotates with angular velocity that is proportional to the voltage applied to its coils and they have small electrical resistance and therefore would be traveled by intense electric currents if the rotor remained at rest. To change the angular velocity we need to change the voltage applied to the motor and the direction of rotation of the rotor will depend on the asymmetries of the motor and also on the direction of the electric current – reversing the direction of the current the motor will start to turn ‘backwards’. This is how we make a toy train ‘walk backwards’ because we reverse the direction of the current in your rotor.


In turn, when in motion, changes in the magnetic flux over such coils generate a counter-electromotive force (f.c.e.m.), and remove energy from that current and lower the electrical voltages on such coils. The resulting torque will cancel when this f.c.e.m. is equal to the applied electric voltage and the angular velocity becomes constant. In general, by loading the motor when you attach its axis to something that must be moved, its rotation does not vary greatly, but, more power will be required from the power supply (increases the current of the power supply).

Conservation of Mechanical Elements

In the case of mechanical protections, they are basically classified into three distinct categories, such as drip and splash proof motors, fully enclosed and explosion proof motors. In the case of drip and splash-proof machines, all rotating or tensioning parts are protected against dripping water from all possible directions, preventing the direct or indirect entry of droplets or particles of liquids or solid objects if spilled or placed on the engine. And the third category which presents the engine totally closed, so closed that there is no possibility of changing the refrigerant medium between the exterior and the interior of the engine.

Therefore, the main purpose of the motor LD2030 housing is to secure it to the workplace where it will operate, and also to protect it, according to the environment in which it will be installed. It should be emphasized that electric motors need to be properly protected and preserved, both for the protection of the persons responsible for their operation, as well as against harmful influences from the external environment to the motor itself, needing to meet all safety requirements, prevention of accidents and fires.

Bearing Applications

It should be noted that if the engine has a specific axle locking element, it must be removed before the axle is turned and afterwards it must be replaced again before the engine is driven. In the case of open-wound motors stored for more than six months, the bearings need to be relubricated, just before the start of operation. If the engine is stored for more than two years, it is advisable to replace the bearings, or they should be removed, washed, inspected and re-lubricated.

Therefore, machines which bear rolling bearings with oil lubrication need to be properly stored in their original operating position and with oil in the bearings. EA38106

The oil level must be respected, remaining in the middle of the level display. During the storage period the shaft locking device must be removed and the shaft rotated frequently so that the oil recirculates and keeps the bearing in good condition. It is recommended that the motor shaft is rotated periodically. If this movement is done manually, at least five turns must be taken, turning the shaft in a different position from the initial one.

Concept of Application of Asynchronous Motors

It can be concluded that the concept of induced force directly originates an induced current in the rotor, which generally opposes the cause that gave rise to it, causing a rotating movement in the rotor. However, from the moment that the windings intersect in the stator cavities, they will automatically be exposed and exposed to an alternating current, generating a magnetic field in the stator and in the rotor, automatically, it will be possible for an induced electromotive force to appear through to the large variable magnetic flux that will cross the rotor.

Hubbell Wiring Devices 5362AL

Thus, the main concepts of the operation of the induction motor refer basically to two extremely relevant laws of electromagnetism, the Law of Lenz and the Law of Faraday. According to Faraday’s Law, in all moments in which, by means of the surface embraced by a circuit, there is a variation of flux, an induced electromotive force will automatically be produced in that circuit. In case this circuit is closed, it will be crossed by an induced current. According to Lenz, the sense of the current induced by all his magnetic actions always tends to oppose the cause that gave rise to it.

Most Used Categories of Electrical Elements

In general, it is concluded that the most commonly used electric motors are alternating current and DC. DC machines are usually more expensive and need a DC source, or a device that converts ordinary AC power to DC. This type of machine can operate at a speed that must be adjusted between high limits and conditioned to precise controls, with great flexibility. Its use is indicated in specific cases in which the needs compensate the highest value of its maintenance and installation. Thus, alternating current motors are the most sought after due to the important fact that the distribution of electric energy is carried out in alternating current.

Synchronous motors baldor VM3546T-50 have a fixed speed, which prevents slipping from interfering in any way. In this way, this machine is used for high power, for its high cost in smaller sizes. The induction operates with a constant speed, varying slightly with the mechanical load applied to its axis. Because of its ease, low cost and robustness, it is the most used engine on the market, making it ideal for all types of driven machines.

Proper Operation of Single Phase Motors

Due to the important factor of presenting only one phase of power, this category of motor has a rotating field, in the same way as three-phase motors, although they have a pulsating magnetic field, and can prevent them from needing starting torque once that in the rotor, magnetic fields are induced in line with the stator field. To correct the start factor, auxiliary windings are used, positioned and sized so as to create a second dummy phase, allowing the formation of the spinning field for starting.

Single-phase motors Baldor VEM3311T are referred to in this way by their field windings, which are directly connected to a single-phase source. Thus, single-phase induction machines are seen as a natural alternative when compared to three-phase induction motors in environments where three-phase power is not present. The use of single-phase motors can only be done at low power, which can vary on average from one to two kw. Amongst the various types of electric motors of this type, cage-type rotors can be highlighted, considering their robustness, ease of control and low maintenance.

Main Control Functions

With the exception of single-phase motors, the vast majority of motors, as well as shaded and repulsive motors, can be used in both directions of rotation, varying only a specific control. In the case of AC motors, with the exception of universal motors, they are constant speed machines. It should be emphasized, however, that there is a possibility that the stator coils of an induction motor can be re-coupled so that it doubles the number of poles. Among the main functions of the control of a motor are starting, direction of rotation, stop, speed regulation, starting current limitation, mechanical protection and electrical protection, among others.

An engine only starts its spin at the instant of the load to be overcome, when stopped, is less than its starting torque. In some specific applications there is a need for a rapid deceleration of the engine general motors leeson and the load. When turned off the power line motor uses a rotation reversing device with the motor still running. Switching off the mains motor or stopping is done by means of a device, thus preventing it from starting in the opposite direction. In the case of synchronous motors dynamic braking is counted.

Electromechanical Processes

Most electric motors perform their proper functions through the interaction between electromagnetic fields, although there are also some other different types of electric motors based on various electromechanical phenomena such as electrostatic forces. Briefly, force is described by the Lorentz force law, being perpendicular to the wire and also to the magnetic field. When it comes to a rotating motor, there is a rotating element, which is nothing more than the rotor. The rotor performs the rotation by the wires and the magnetic field are arranged so that a torque can be developed on the rotor center line.

It is possible to say that most of the magnetic motors pillow blocks browning are rotating, although there are also the linear types. In the case of a rotary electric motor, the rotating part is called the rotor, and the stationary part, the stator part. The motor is composed of electromagnets installed in grooves of the ferromagnetic material, which form the rotor body. Basically, the fundamental idea in which all electromagnetic motors are idealized is that there is a mechanical force in the whole wire when conducting the electric current if it is immersed in a magnetic field.

Coil Yield

The coil must be properly wrapped in a kind of cylinder, which is designed on an axis able to rotate on the bearings. In this same axis, two areas can be identified that have insulating properties, in which the half-way switches are inserted, connected to the wires of the coil itself. Two fixed contacts or so-called brushes will make electrical contact with these half-troughs so that energy can be transferred to the coils. The connection of these switches is such that in half a turn of the course, the main switches are connected to coil, and thus, the current circulates in a single direction.


In the other half turn the other switches are connected directly to the coil, and only then does the current flow in the opposite direction. It should be noted that the configuration of the coil movement is capable of producing mechanical force in good quantity, although there is the possibility of achieving a continuous movement of the coil causing it to rotate non-stop. This can be obtained by means of a process called switching, generated in an engine with the possibility of practical applications.

Armor Tension Control

For independent electric motors, speed control by varying the armature voltage can be done by preserving the constant excitation flow, usually at its nominal value. The armature voltage can be assigned positive or negative values ​​of up to 100% (one hundred percent) of its nominal value.

Although there is variation of the armature tension, the inclination of the static properties torque-speed is frequent, since it only lacks the total resistance of armature. In this way, when the terminal armature voltage is varied, the velocity-torque attributes form a family of parallel lines with each other.


The velocity can be varied within the range -ωn ≤ ωm ≤ ωn, where ωn denotes the nominal velocity, which is the speed of the rotor when the armature voltage and the field current are nominal (plate values). The variation of the armature terminal voltage in the parallel excitation motor is not advised because the field current is also altered; In this situation Vta is preserved and the sequential switching procedure of resistors connected in series with the armature circuit is performed.

Coupling with sliding bearings

Electric motors made up of sliding bearings may have up to three marks on the shaft end, whereas the center mark is the indication of the magnetic center, the other two external marks registering the maximum axial movement limits that are tolerated for the rotor . The electric motor must be properly coupled so that the arrow, which is normally fixed to the bearing housing, is positioned on the center mark at the moment the engine is running.

During the starting or even in operation, the rotor can move freely between the two grooves found on the outer side, in case the driven machine exerts some extra axial effort on the motor shaft.

spherical roller bearings skf

However, under no circumstances can the motor act with constant axial force on the bearing. The sliding bearings used by most manufacturers, are not produced for them to be able to withstand continuous axial stress. It is important to note that continuous operation of the machine within its axial clearance limits is not recommended.

When analyzing the coupling, consider the maximum axial play of the bearing, since the axial clearances of the driven machine and the coupling can influence the maximum play of the bearing.

Motor of Rings

The advantages of the electric ring motor are the considerable increase in the life of the brushes and collector rings, the control of the motorized system of lifting the brushes, the maintenance of it is equivalent to a cage motor, which reduces the amount of maintenance stops And exchange brushes. The brush housing is separated from the stator, which prevents brush dust from accumulating inside the brush housing, keeping the rotor insulation level high.

After starting the engine with the brush pick-up system which guarantees strength and reliability, the rotor phases are short circuited and the brushes are lifted, which avoids their permanent contact with the collector rings, just as in conventional drives .

In terms of cost / benefit, the investment of this process is paid in the first stop that is avoided, because the cost of stops is great in comparison to the additional cost of the installed system, in the motor of rings.

The ring motor will have the performance of a cage motor when in continuous regime, eliminating the need for monitoring and replacement of the brushes. https://www.mrosupply.com/pumps/booster-pumps/2983711_378_bell-gossett/

Bearing Bearings with Oil Lubrication

It is imperative that during storage the electric motor remains in its original operating position, always keeping the bearings lubricated with a specific oil. The level of the same oil should be considered as an extreme limit, always being respected, so that it is possible to remain in the middle of the level display.

For as long as this storage is necessary, it is necessary to remove the device responsible for locking the axle and, at least once a month, it must rotate up to five laps, the axle manually. This action will be important for the recirculation of the oil to be carried out, making possible the very effective maintenance of the bearing in good conditions.

Once motor movement is required, the shaft locking device will also need to be reinstalled. For engines stored for a period that is equal to or greater than the oil change interval, the oil must be replaced prior to start-up. If the engine is stored for more than two years, it is recommended to replace the bearings, or it is recommended that they be removed, washed, inspected and re-lubricated. The oil from the bearings of the vertical motors is usually removed to avoid leakage during transportation. https://www.mrosupply.com/motors/ac-motors/general-purpose-motors/2833543_vem3713t_baldor/


The Insulating System

The insulating system of electric motors consists of the combination of various insulating materials used in electrical equipment. This junction in an electric motor is by means of wire insulation enamel, groove bottom, groove closure insulation, insulation between phases, varnish and impregnation resin, insulation of the connecting cable and solder insulation. Other materials or components that do not come into contact with the coil are not part of the insulation system.

The specification of any product in a given thermal class does not characterize that each insulation material used in its composition has the same thermal capacity. The temperature limit for an insulation system should not be directly related to the thermal capacity of the materials used. In any system, the thermal performance of a component can be optimized by means of the protective characteristics of some materials used with this material.

more transformers here

The specification of a given product of any thermal class may not mean and imply that each insulating material used in its construction has the same thermal capacity or class. The temperature limit of an insulation system may not be directly related to the thermal capacity of the materials individually used in the system.


A fan is a mechanical device used to transform mechanical energy from rotation, used in its axes, in raising air pressure. It was created in the USA in 1882, by American Schuyler S. Wheeler.

The fan is the mechanism in charge of ventilating the electric motor. The entire engine is designed so that its nominal speed of rotation turns the fan fast enough so that the airflow through the fins of its housing (armored models) or through its interior (open models) is the precise one To cool it down within the rated operating conditions of the engine.

The fan in the shielded models is protected by the baffle cover, and needs it for proper operation. The common material for the manufacture of the fan is plastic, but in uses of great chemical and / or mechanical aggressions, it is made of aluminum.

sum72506-4 ac motor

On motors whose speed of rotation is below rated, the use of forced ventilation kits may be required, which will keep the fan spinning even if the motor shaft is not. In these situations, the fan is independent of the motor shaft.

Characteristic Torque versus Speed

An induction electric motor initially operates in a vacuum, very close to the synchronous speed.
In this machine, the resulting rotary field is produced by the magnetizing current. In this state the sliding and relative movement between the rotor and the magnetic fields are small, even so, the rotor frequency is also reduced.
The relative motion is small, and consequently, the induced voltage in the rotor rod and the flow of the current in the rotor are also small. As the rotor frequency is much smaller, its reactance is approximately zero and the rotor current is almost in phase with the rotor voltage.
The rotor current then produces a small magnetic field and an angle a little greater than 90 ° behind the resulting magnetic field. It should be noted that the stator current must be very large even when empty, as it will supply most of the resulting rotating field.

baldor motor vel11303
For this reason electric induction motors have large unladen currents compared to other types of motors. The induced torque keeps the motor running.
As the magnetic field of the rotor is small, the induced torque is also small, but large enough to oppose the rotational losses of the motor.

Step Motor

Step motor is the step electric motor and is used to position something with extreme precision or something that should be rotated at an exact angle. It moves in pitch, allowing you to control your rotation at small angles. Its shaft rotates in strokes, controlled by the electronic circuit connected to its input.

They have windings that in their simplest form, are composed of four coils arranged in the stator at angles of 90 degrees. The rotor is a piece of ferromagnetic material, ie a magnet.

It is not necessary to couple a device so that this stepper motor timer nsi dg280a allows its axis to suffer precise displacements, this characterizes an open system. The open-loop operating characteristic is one of the most important, thus allowing rotation and stopping at predetermined points.

Example: If the shaft is required to rotate 180 ° half-way, it would only be necessary to adjust the opening and closing sequence of the logic switches to obtain the displacement with the necessary precision. For this to happen, the motor has a fixed amount of magnetic poles, which determine the number of steps per turn of the motor, the most common ones having between 2 and 72 steps.

Electric motor should be able to pull at least the weight of the model airplane

After choosing the model of the model airplane that can be asinha or coach, it is necessary to equip it with electric motor, speed control, servos, battery and radio control. It is difficult to choose the model, but some aspects must be taken into account.

The best electric motor for a model airplane is the brushless motor which is the brushless because this electric motor has a high efficiency, lightweight, compact and low cost but the brushed electric motor model which is the brushed is not much used, Because the brushes wear out and this change needs to be done periodically and is very heavy.

The electric motor should be capable of pulling at least the weight of the model when it is ready for use and this will serve to ensure that the flight is smooth and above all safe.

It is fundamental to look at the whole description of the electric motor and compare it with the total weight of the model, since the value of the description should be greater than the total weight, otherwise it will require more attention. https://www.mrosupply.com/bearings/spherical-roller-bearings/322152_22213-ek_skf-bearing/

Alta nos preços dos imóveis é menor já verificada

De abril de 2015 a abril de 2016, o preço médio dos imóveis da imobiliária Bauru subiu apenas 0,21%, segundo o Índice FipeZap, que acompanha a variação nos valores de casas e apartamentos anunciados para venda em 20 cidades brasileiras. Essa é a menor alta nesse período já registrada pelo índice desde quando foi criada em 2013.

Em 12 meses, a inflação medida pelo IPCA deve ficar em 9,19%, segundo a previsão do Banco Central. Ao considerar o efeito da alta dos preços, o índice apresenta queda real de 8,23% em no período.

A queda real é medida quando o valor de um determinado bem tem uma alta inferior ao aumento generalizado de preços, medido por índices inflacionários, como o IPCA, onde a variação real não é obtida com uma simples subtração, para tanto, é preciso dividir a oscilação dos preços pela variação da inflação, de acordo com as imobiliárias de Bauru.

Nenhuma das 20 cidades que compõem o índice registrou variação superior à inflação nos últimos 12 meses e em algumas delas houve ainda a queda nominal de preços, uma variação negativa no período.

Lute contra o aumento abusivo dos alugueis

O que fazer quando o locador quer aumentar o valor do aluguel acima do que está previsto no contrato na imobiliária Osasco? A Lei de Locação responde esta questão. Essa lei tem a intenção de proteger o lado mais fraco dessa relação contratual.

Normalmente os contratos de aluguel são reajustados uma vez por ano com base no IGP-M (Índice Geral de Preços de Mercado), mais conhecido como a inflação do aluguel, que nos últimos 12 meses registrou alta de 11,09%.

Caso o reajuste do valor do aluguel do contrato tenha sido firmado com base no IGP-M e o locador quiser subir o valor acima do índice, ele estará sendo abusivo e o inquilino não deve aceitar. O primeiro passo é tentar negociar o reajuste e segundo, procurar outro imóvel.

As imobiliárias em Osasco declaram que como o momento atual é de crise econômica, os proprietários estão mais propensos a discutir os reajustes, já que fechar novos contratos de locação está muito mais difícil.

De acordo com o índice FipeZap para locação, os preços médios para novos alugueis tiveram uma queda de 4,8% entre abril de 2015 e abril de 2016. Se considerarmos a inflação, a queda real foi de 12,88%. conheça nossa imobiliaria


Imobiliária dicas para corretores

Os profissionais que trabalham no ramo da imobiliária em Osasco devem ter conhecimento sobre algumas técnicas que são fundamentais para ajudar nos bons resultados. O corretor de imóveis tem que ter conhecimento sobre quais são as formas de conquistar novos clientes e vender mais, pois isso interfere diretamente em sua remuneração.

Algumas dicas para profissionais que trabalham como corretores serão mencionadas aqui. A primeira delas é sobre investir na capacitação, ou seja, buscar conhecimento sobre a área pois isso é sempre um diferencial. Existem muitos cursos, treinamentos e eventos que podem ser interessantes para você estar frequentando e buscando aprender técnicas novas dentro dessa área.


Outra dica muito interessante é fazer parcerias com outras imobiliárias de Osasco ou corretores, assim você consegue aumentar a sua carteira de clientes. Por fim, não deixe de potencializar o seu trabalho usando anúncios e usando a tecnologia a seu favor, ela é fundamental em qualquer ramo de trabalho nos dias atuais.

Cardápio para Buffet infantil

Organize seu cardápio para Buffet infantil Bauru com base no número de convidados e também com base no orçamento para esse detalhe. Quanto mais completo for o Buffet, mais caro ele ficará. Estabelecer limites é o primeiro passo para que você não extrapole nada. Procure ter conhecimento dos itens necessários e tenha antecedência.

Várias empresas trabalham nesse segmento, elas oferecem preços bem variados, a depender do tipo de serviço que você precisa. Pesquise preços e compare os serviços, assim você chega no valor final que você quer para o Buffet que deseja contratar. O orçamento é uma parte importante nesses momentos.

Faça sua festa infantil aqui

O ideal é dar preferência para as empresas que são mais completas e que vão oferecer todos os serviços que você precisa. É muito melhor ter todos os serviços sendo oferecidos, assim você não precisa se preocupar com nada, você só terá que escolher os detalhes. A escolha sempre será influenciada pela questão de orçamento.

Learn more about each type of car engine that are on the market

The car engine size is measured by means of the cubic volume. The cubic volume is nothing more than the total capacity car engine is added to the volume of the car’s cylinders. we have sew eurodrive

The car engine at 1.6 liters version also has four cylinders in line. Was the car engine more commercialized for a long time, but the market has meant that brands are betting more on engines in version 1.4 liters, because this type of car engine spends less and emits fewer pollutants.

The car engine is 1.8 liters which is more used in average cars. It was the car engine used in sports cars, but had small. Who wants to make average travel and long distance can bet on the car that has an engine 1.8 liters.

The car engine with 2.0 liters or more are now in V. The drive motor that is made up to 2.5 liters are in line with four cylinders. Who wants more power and sportiness can choose the car that has engine 2.0 liters or more.

Electric motor mixed DC can break load

Is in operation five types of electric DC motors which are: permanent magnet motor, the field engine series, parallel field motor (shunt), excitation motor independent motor and composite (compound).

The electric motor of mixed direct current or compound has Bobinhas fields that rely on two bearings placed in the same pole shoe, this meant that the two bearings are fixed on the reels.


One of the windings is conductive and has a thick size and is connected in series with the armature. On the other hand, the driver is thinner and is connected in parallel with the armature.

The electric motor starting mixed direct current is strong and the speed is always constant regardless of the type of load carrying and the electric motor mixed DC is who can break under load.

Meet the attributes of the electric motor Easy Maintenance

The electric motor Weasy Maintenance has a new concept of brakes. Among its features and benefits are: the sealing of the rear bearing account with the W3seal and the Taconite labyrinth that is used in electric motor Wmining, WELL, Wwash and Wmagnet.


Another electric motor attribute Weasy Maintenance is the brake enclosure that provides a high degree of brake protection that is the same protection as other parts of the electric motor receives.

The lever of the electric motor has a protected Weasy Maintenance manual unlocking. The Weasy Maintenance electric motor brake control terminal box is separated from the main terminal box and the same platform was used in crane electric motor Weasy Maintenance.

The assembly of the electric motor brakes Weasy Maintenance can be opened or closed and the brake protection fixing screws and deflector electric motor Weasy Maintenance are made with axial access.

Por que contratar um corretor de imóveis?

Quando decidem vender ou comprar um imóvel, muitas pessoas ficam na dúvida entre contratar ou não um corretor de imóveis. Algumas pessoas pensam apenas no dinheiro que poderão desembolsar quando tiverem que pagar as comissões e esquecem que este tipo de profissional poderá auxiliá-lo de forma mais especializada, como explicam as imobiliarias de Bauru.

A figura do corretor de imóveis é intermediar todo o processo de compra e venda e locação. O corretor possui capacidade para fechar tanto pequenos como grandes negócios, além disso, alguns profissionais possuem uma vasta carteira de clientes o que poderá ser um facilitador e aumentar a visibilidade de seu imóvel através dos contatos dele.

Em geral, as negociações envolvem valores altos e no mercado imobiliário é essencial atenção redobrada com relação às fraudes. Sem a presença de um corretor o processo de negociação poderá trazer várias surpresas desagradáveis.

O fechamento do negócio imobiliário exige uma análise detalhada de documentações e o corretor conhece muito bem todos os passos a serem seguidos por ambas as partes. Lembre-se de procurar um profissional especializado e que possua inscrição no CRECI, só assim ele poderá exercer a profissão legalmente.

Direct Drive Motors

It is a type of electric motor that is coupled in charges, which should move without the use of reduction gears, belts and gears. There are applications that can provide suitable resolution and the model torque while others are modified in both the speed and the torque according to the required design specifications.

Among the direct drive motor of advantages there is the friction of the gears and the elimination of friction that cause the major power losses, as this type of engine has precision components and feedback system in a very compact housing.

The torque of the direct drive motor is dependent firstly, of its diameter, and the second number of teeth of which are created magnetic field so as to obtain the greatest number of drive steps. Finally, this type of motor has advantages such as high precision, higher torque at higher speeds, higher response speed and smooth rotation. https://www.mrosupply.com/electrical/plugs-and-receptacles/gfci-receptacles/1016116_cr20ip1_hubbell-wiring-devices/

Lubrication is important for small electric motor or large

Lubrication is a caution that the electric motor is subjected, as it is responsible for making the life of the electric motor increases considerably.

The electric motor that has a power not too large, the initial lubrication that the electric motor is mounted while being used to cause the electric motor still running for a long time. Often the grease reserve that goes in the small electric motor is sufficient for the electric motor use throughout their lifetime.

On the other hand, the main electric motor must have its exterior always lubricated. The amount of times that the bearings receive the lubrication of the bearings depends on the composition and also the lubricant type being used. The electric motor is lubricated correctly has increased its service life. https://www.mrosupply.com/hydraulics-and-pneumatics/hose-reels/2517040_pc13-5012-a_coxreels/

Right electric motor can help reduce operating costs

The competitive market for-profit seeking ways to cut spending and thus win more and more money. For this, it is necessary to search for an electric motor to submit the lowest possible energy expenditure.

Search an electric motor that uses less power is needed because it is common for companies in the electric power and alternating current and make use of machines with alternating current is something economically more interesting.

In addition, climate change and global warming has guided discussions on electricity and the lack of it. Use the energy sources that are largely responsible for making an electric motor or several electric motors work should be done consciously and opt for the best electric motor causes the costs fall considerably.

Before choosing any type of electric motor, the ideal is that the buyer has a technical knowledge so that he knows what are the advantages and disadvantages of this type of electric motor. https://www.mrosupply.com/popular_products/hose-reels/